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If it’s safe, I don’t have a “no” list. Other than that, this isn’t about me. It’s about you coming to a safe, relaxing place to turn your brain off and spend time with a woman that wants to touch you and help make your day better. Pretty simple.

To help you decide if you’d enjoy spending time with me I’d like to forgo the usual jargon and relay some truths about me: I’m in my mid-40s. Bright blue eyes, pretty smile, Western European Caucasian features. No tattoos or piercings other than one per ear. Certified masseuse, good at it too as evidenced by a very high repeat-client rate. Swedish and deep tissue are my specialties. For the topless modality offered here, I’ve traveled overseas to study old-world tantric principles of enlightenment through touch and intimacy.

I’m tall and strong — think weight-lifting triathlete. Fitness and the outdoors are a huge part of my life, hence the accompanying pictures. I’m somewhat of a girly-girl most of the time but I’m a sporty chick who likes to split wood by hand, chuck bales and so on. So if you like tall, strong women (and I like being a tall, strong woman!), we’ll probably get along.

Topless full-body work is still legal. As such we’ll meet at my home in a positive, open environment focused on trust and your desire to unwind and relax. I am specifically looking for zero drama, no fake-name/job games or trouble; by communicating with me you accept that I offer no illegal services, nor DORA-licensed “massage”, only CO Title 12, section 12, paragraph 35.5-110 “legal alternative methods that employ contact structured to deepen a person’s awareness of movement patterns in his or her body.”

With the culmination of the body work my for-hire services will end, and we’ll be free to discuss any titillating events that may have arisen. You’ll find I’m an excellent conversationalist well versed and accepting of a wide variety of topics. I ask that you refrain from such discussions until that time: For now, consider the medium we’re meeting in, use your imagination now and ask later.

All people — even LEOs if you’re honest about who you are– are welcome to meet me at my home, under my real name in a positive, open environment focused on trust and your desire to unwind and relax.

*VERIFICATION REQUIRED*  Please use that form to contact me. Be truthful about who you really are when contacting me: I will never invite anonymous men into my home. I definitely want to see positive references showing you have drama-free experience, but I do not accept them as a means to meet anonymously. Real names, real people, pretty simple too.


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