On The Gender Disparity Of Face Pictures And Living The Lifestyle In General

Originally posted on fetlife.com:

While both married and President of the United States, the self-proclaimed “leader of the free world” can stick cigars in his intern’s vagina and blow cum all over her — the most powerful man in the world using an underpaid intern, hardly a relationship of business or societal equals — without nary a consequence. Heck, millions of people thought it was cool. Possibly billions. He kept his job, without loss of pay, and now is a highly respected (and compensated) corporate speaker.

Conversely, a former stripper can’t sit on city council in supposedly enlightened Santa Cruz, Northern California. Nor can a one-movie “porn star” teach high school in the same state. Both were young, single women earning a legal living. Many professional men see escorts and no one really cares — possibly their wives, although many women are more supportive than generally thought.

Conversely, female professionals that escort would be ostracized and fired on their morality clause.

Meaning, the consequences of being sex-positive are several orders of magnitude disparate between the sexes. Entry into the wink-wink, nudge-nudge “good ‘ole boys'” club for one gender; income loss, societal scorn and lifelong spurning for the other gender.

So, no face pictures. Or other definitively identifying photographs. Not emailed, not taken if we meet, never. Don’t ask.

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