On The Importance Of Regular Intimacy For Mental Health And Overall Wellbeing

“I learned though that my sexual desires are very mental.”

A male acquaintance said that in response to a query of his general desires. Which got me thinking again:

Through the decades of escorting, I’ve run into countless men who suppress their biological need to ejaculate. They tend to focus on one thing — anal training/play, for example — and it turns into an obsession. Then a compulsion. At that point, they’re wired like an addict, with all the accompanying difficulties functioning in “normal”, non-addict life.

Once obsession has set in, it’s only going to get worse: Many are already in a stale relationship, there’s zero chance of going to their partner with “hey, honey, will you wear a strap-on and peg me tonight while I touch myself and watch pegging porn videos?” So men with (whatever) kink sneak around to watch relevant porn and act out their obsession. From there it gets more and more difficult to orgasm without acting out their obsession. Soon, both the the obsession while watching porn are required, and it’s nearly impossible to orgasm in person, with only one-on-one “normal” relations.

To stave that off, it’s important for men to seek out regular touch and intimacy with another willing human. Men nearly universally mistake “sex” for intimacy, touching, and feeling cared for. It is what it is, and it’s a large part of why I escort, and do it the way I do — based around nuru full-body contact and adult actress production of penetrative sex content (not just “digital release”, as it were).

If this resonates with you, fell free let me know in the comments section of my  “Rates & Contact” form.  And, yes, for those who want to visit regularly, I’m open to compromise — that being required for reasonable people who choose to positively get along in a free society.

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  1. This does resonate with me though I have not tried pegging (don’t think I would mind it) but definitely with other sexual acts. I don’t feel comfortable enough with my partner to share the same extent of my desires though I have no true desire to leave them because I do “love” and care about our relationship out of the physical. Though admittedly the physical is very important to me.

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