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Dedicated incall in Littleton just south of the 285/S. Platte intersection. I can meet any time by appointment.  Rates and contact form are at the bottom.


Yes, I’m (relatively) old for a provider. Yet I’m still busy. There’s reasons for that:

  1. I’m happy in my own head and am comfortable enthusiastically choosing to doing this.
  2. I like the in-person activities! I make meetings fun for me too; thus I mesh well with men who value a partner having fun too.
  3. I appreciate your patronage, respect that you work hard and understand I’m a luxury you’re choosing. I will treat you like the VIP you are.
  4. Trust matters: I give my word and it’s meaningful to me that I keep it. History documents decades of confidences kept: even the tossers that don’t deserve it.
  5. I respect people — none of this happens with me — and the often difficult path that led them to me.  Judge not, as they say; it applies both ways here.
  6. While I’m very polite and publicly reserved, I’m not at all shy.  If you want to experience (whatever) in a positive manner I’ve gone to great lengths to be easy to talk to. Please wait until our in-person time begins. If your (whatever) requires additional items, please bring them.
  7. Be clean, be respectful, be safe, intend to leave me feeling better about myself after interacting with you, and I’ll do the same. We all have preferences, those are what I care about.
  8.  Thorough screening means I’ve only seen clients who leave me feeling emotionally, mentally and physically better than I did before I saw them. I’m positive person, I do this because I like it, of my own volition: Don’t believe some misconception that anyone is forcing me to do anything.

Read my reviews for an idea of what I’m like. The gist of it: I Be that self-secure man who will show up, turn your brain and phone off, let me help you relax and enjoy time with a woman that actually wants to touch you; one who cares that you leave feeling better. If you have requests, ask in-session, but if you’re the type of guy who as a time-based list of activities you have to adhere to, we probably won’t get along.


The “5’10 tall, weight-lifting triathlete” noted in my ads applies more now than ever: With Covid, it seems all I do is work out, eat, homeschool, work out, eat, rinse, eat, repeat.


 I offer no illegal services.

Time with me, performed nude, is based around CO Title 12, section 12, paragraph 35.5-110 “legal alternative methods that employ contact structured to deepen a person’s awareness of movement patterns in his or her body.” You are free to perceive this a “Nuru with GFE”. As of August, 2022, I am no longer committing to tigger-point — aka “deep tissue” — modalities, it’s a game-time decision, as it were.

Regardless of your perceptions, you’re hiring me as an adult actress: I only accept compensation to perform with you in private sessions with the intent to produce artistic content.  I would be grateful if you allowed me to post it to my page.  To comply with Federal law, proof of age is required, additionally, I require recent STD testing, and if you’re an airline traveler, a covid rapid test. 


Multiple scenes per artistic session? Sure! You’re the proverbial director here. Be honest with yourself though (I’m too polite to vocalize what Lacie French succinctly did, but it’s nonetheless true about so-called “MSOG”). If you’ve under-scheduled time, settle up for it at $200/30 minutes.


My partner Nikki retired from this, and I’m not currently doing duets with anyone else.

OUTCALLS: For repeat clients only.
    1. Outcalls must be pre-paid in full. Yes, I understand it’s disrespectful to ask of established hobbyists, but it is what it is: pre-paid is the only way I come to you. Travel rates vary on distance.
    • None.
    • If I ask for one,  you’ve done something that makes it a reasonable request: $50 for a half hour appointment, $100 per hour, possibly paid in full.
    • Payment in full of any past due fees and the proposed session if you’re indebted to me. Or someone I know: I don’t see game-players who short other providers.
    • Deposit can be paid via:


    • If you’re honest with me: None. Read my reviews; I pretty well-known for “life happens” so it’s generally no worries and no fee. We can reschedule later.
    • That said, if you’re being disrespectful or pull a no-call, no-show (NCNS): The fee is due in full before I’ll consider seeing you again, plus the amount you bailed on.

Selected Value: 0
Federal 2257 requirements: Proof of age and clean STD report are required.