Why I Escort And Don’t Date, Part 1: Men Of Value

Having retired young — by definition then, having made a lot of money — I found out the hard way when I got sick a decade later: I had money and people that wanted to be around it, not friends.

Many were really great at hiding that fact. However, when I woke up  in critical condition the distance to the hospital and me was universally “inconvenient”, nor could available time be found to visit. Rather, it was long-term escorting clients who’d also become supportive friends that I woke up to. They were the ones driving me home. Helping me recover. Carrying groceries. Not “normal” friends, nor family — who had similar excuses.

It’s why I’ve escorted for so long, and don’t date much — men who see prostitutes? When they want something from a woman to fit their needs on their schedule, they choose to offer something of value in return, then show up on time. They walk the walk of a good man, which in reality is much harder than talking the talk of a decent person.

Profound events like that permanently alter your perception of reality, what “good” people are.  Stated beliefs hold that sex workers are criminals to be shunned, the men that see them are all degenerates? Experiencing the antithesis of societal beliefs can change course of your life — such as the choice to enforce a strict interpretation of “Friends With Benefits” and not date men who can’t put forth the effort to first be actual friends before pressing for their needs. Which, in the age of Tinder, is about 98% of a mostly repulsive dating pool.

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